The following are representative technologies in which Hoffman Warnick attorneys work along with some of our clients’ patents:


Chemicals and Materials

Polymers; resins; semiconductor fabrication; thermoelectric materials and fabrication.


9340457, 9272247, 9233539, 8940397, 8933187, 7219024



Computer and Electronics Hardware and Software

Computer architecture, software and hardware; computer control systems; cloud computing; networking; circuitry; internet/business methods; smartphone architecture, software and hardware; printers; data communications; image processing; integrated circuits; artificial intelligence; electro-mechanical and electro-optical systems; internet-of-things; telecommunications equipment.


9361642, 9354221, 9336497, 9194916, 8510139


Electro-Mechanical, Construction and Home Goods

Construction equipment; building structures; building and construction materials; plumbing and electrical equipment; hand tools; power tools; toys; recreational and gaming equipment; jewelry; window coverings; electro-mechanical controls; telecommunications equipment; packaging; clothing; cryo-coolers.


9382801, 9322210, 9249586, 9077134, 8291939, 7628022, D759400, D719051



Power generation; light emitting diodes; lighting fixtures; antimicrobial lighting; energy transmission; smart grid technology and controls; turbomachinery and related tools; modeling and control software; solar energy technology; wind energy; energy storage – batteries, ultracapacitors; fuel cells.


9382843, 9376927, 9316114, 9315888, 8301382


Life Sciences/biotech

Biological sample storage, freezing, and thawing systems; biological testing and analysis systems; tissue engineered models; cell culture media supplements and cell selection methods.


9333274, 9213025, 7767154


Medical devices

Diagnostic medical equipment; non-invasive medical testing equipment; surgical tools; needle-based medical devices; ablation probes and devices; cryogenic devices; diagnostic equipment; robotic systems for medical testing.


9278195, 9180277, 9174029, 8747397, 7767154



Semiconductor fabrication; materials; chemical processes; semiconductor device structure; nanostructures; micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS); thin films; nanodots; photolithography; thermoelectric materials and fabrication; printer ink materials.


9227846, 9209374




New chemical entities; crystalline polymorphs; metabolites; formulations; synthesis/process improvements; first medical uses; second and subsequent medical uses; dosing regimens; combination administration methods; pharmacogenetics/personalized medicine.


9365565, 9212129, 9138432, 9060995, 8772496




Semiconductor fabrication; materials; chemical processes; semiconductor device structure; nanostructures; micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS); factory automation and robotics; fabrication equipment and controls including deposition and ion implantation equipment.


9390969, 9389363, 9368343, 9158885



Paving equipment; material testing and evaluation; automotive suspension systems; road structures.


7219024, 6884000