Hoffman Warnick advises clients when threatened with litigation or considering notifying competitors of infringement.  On the defensive side, we provide reassuring guidance and, where appropriate, opinions regarding infringement, invalidity and unenforceability relative to Intellectual Property. On the enforcement side, we conduct infringement and validity due diligence, and provide opinions regarding such so informed decisions can be made.


The Challenge: A biotechnology client requested that we evaluate whether a new product would infringe upon a competitor’s intellectual property in a very crowded technology.

Services Provided: Hoffman Warnick conducted an infringement search for competitors’ patents, evaluated the likelihood of infringement, and investigated the validity of potentially problematic patents.  Hoffman Warnick also prepared numerous non-infringement and invalidity opinions for the client.

Results: The client was advised on how to modify the new product to better avoid potential pitfalls. The opinions have positioned the client in a strong defensive position.


The Challenge: A small lighting startup was sued for patent litigation from a larger manufacturer under two patents.  The lawsuit threatened to sap all capital of the company and put them out of business.

Services Provided: Among other services, Hoffman Warnick researched the validity of the patents and prepared opinions of invalidity of both patents.

Results: Due, in part, to the invalidity opinions, the litigation was settled with no client liability and the client was able to attain multiple venture capital investors thereafter.