Hoffman Warnick is frequently called upon to advise clients about Intellectual Property dispute resolution.  In particular, the firm has broad experience regarding negotiations relative to licensing and litigation settlement, and advises clients regarding litigation matters. The firm frequently provides invalidity search and analysis, infringement analysis from both the offensive and defensive posture, and advises clients on risks regarding litigation.


The Challenge: A small computer graphics company was being threatened with suit from a multinational software company regarding the use of a group of their trademarks.

Services Provided: Hoffman Warnick negotiated and reviewed a strategic agreement that created a joint marketing affiliation between the two entities.

Results: The company now has a well-recognized product that it markets on its own and in conjunction with that of the software company.


The Challenge: A small lighting startup was sued for patent litigation from a larger manufacturer under two patents.  The lawsuit threatened to sap all capital of the company and put them out of business.

Services Provided: Hoffman Warnick’s representation resulted in a design around of the allegedly infringed patents, preparation of blocking patents to the competitor’s technology and a settlement agreement with no liability to the client.

Results: The client was subsequently able to attain multiple venture capital investors and is now flourishing with an effective IP portfolio strategy.


The Challenge: A small hunting equipment manufacturer client was concerned about two competitors’ new devices that appeared to copy the client’s patented device.

Services Provided: Hoffman Warnick conducted an infringement analysis and communicated with the competitors regarding the infringement.

Results: The competitors ceased selling the infringing devices.