I was honored and privileged to be a roundtable panel member for Cornell’s Intellectual Property and Ethics Club (CIPEC) IPAthon event Saturday March 26, 2022. It was a wonderful day of sharing ideas and perspectives on Intellectual Property. The first roundtable panel looking at “local” issues in entrepreneurship and opportunities in technology and business. I shared the second roundtable panel with Professor Lillien Ellis and Aleks Nikolic from Klausner Cook, where we discussed IP issues facing inventors especially independent inventors and those in start-ups, timing for considering IP issues in technology development; responsibility for education with respect to IP; and available opportunities for easier accessibility to IP services.  The group of students who put this event together are clearly those professionals who we will see driving IP policy, development, and protection in the next decades. As a 40-year IP professional, I now know IO can rest easily as the IP future will be in impressive hands. Congratulations to all.